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Many students are leaving home and venturing out into the world on their own for the first time. With all the added stressors and concerns this entails, we would like to help add a little peace of mind to both our students, and their parents, when it comes to the protection of their personal belongings.

This insurance is designed specifically for all college students, faculty and staff and it costs less than the cost of a Homeowners Insurance policy deductible while offering better coverage at very affordable rates. With deductibles as low at $25, this policy will cover all student property losses anywhere in the world including borrowed property while in the care, custody and control of the student. This insurance includes coverage for cell phones, tablets, MP3 players, computers, electronics, photography equipment, musical instruments, sports equipment, bicycles, books, clothes, furniture and all other personal property along with the added benefit of identity theft coverage. Covered damages include, but are not limited to fire, theft, water damage, earthquake, vandalism and in many cases, accidental damage.

This plan is specifically designed to cover losses that a homeowner’s policy generally will not cover. It will also protect you from making low dollar claims that can adversely affect your homeowner’s policy. For additional information, quotes or to purchase your coverage now, simply go to www.CollegeStudentInsurance.com.

If you would like assistance in procuring this coverage or have additional questions prior to doing so, please contact Enterprice Risk Management at (336) 256-1102 or email at risk@uncg.edu. Additionally, please see the brochure for more information and coverage planning.